Study #6




The company has continued to grow year over year with double digit performance.  While the current business model shows continued growth, the company also looks to launch a completely new, yet related business.   To accelerate the process, the company was seeking $4M in investment.  While the current operations did fund the development, the progress was slow and needed to be bolstered.

At the same time, the company needed sound CFO management for its current business.  With primarily sales, marketing and web development people in the company, the CFO role was in charge of all financial aspects.



The company had 2 primary needs – stay on top of the current operations, while also working with potential investors for the new business line.  Cash flow management was paramount, as well as modeling and presenting the opportunity.


The immediate needs of the client were:

* Manage the month to month financial reporting & analysis

* Create a dashboard report for management, giving the management team easy to understand metrics on performance

* Create a dynamic financial model which can be modified for potential investors depending their requirements

* Help with corporate growth strategy, taxes, cash flow management



* Implemented GAAP financial accounting standards and a new financial accounting system

* Developed a financial model for the current business line

* Developed a dashboard report distributed with the monthly financials with key metrics & graphs

* Build a secondary financial model incorporating the current business and future business under development for investors

* All other routine CFO tasks such as cash flow management, federal tax reporting, audit facilitation



* Company continues to grow year over year for the last 5 years

* Potential investors are engaged and interested in the development of our secondary business model

* All financial aspects of the company are taken care of