Study #5


Quantum Materials (QTMM)



Quantum Materials is a publicly traded quantum dot manufacturer.  The company is establishing their manufacturing globally, with huge potential and interest from several parties.



The company while public is still very much in growth stage mode.  The company was delinquent on its SEC filings since the focus had been on raising additional capital.  With several investors interested but needing the company to be current on its filings, the priority was helping the company catch up.


The immediate needs of the client were:

* Update the accounting & financial reports

* Prepare and have audited the annual and quarterly statements for 15 months including notes & MD&A

* Work with the auditors to facilitate the process

* Create a financial model to project the growth of the company based on incoming investment & global growth



* Worked quickly to become up to speed on the operations and nature of transactions

* Established 15 months of accounting & financial reports

* Wrote the notes and MD&A for each quarter and year end

* Filed the 10Q’s and 10K for the company

* Developed a 3 year forecast to help map the companies growth



* Investors were pleased the company was back on track from a financial reporting & regulatory position

* Next steps were to implement best business practices going forward, and as the company grows to manage cash flow, add insight into the financial reporting, continue to file SEC reports, and help the company continue to grow.