Study #3



The client is a health supplement company whose product is distributed and sold in North America at GNC stores. The client was created as a venture between the CEO who has a passion for the health & wellness industry, and a drug development firm & venture capital investor based in India.  Both companies had a strong desire to bring an all natural & scientifically proven product to the market as there were so many non-performing products out.


With rapid success, the client had an initial first year any startup can dream of – First round funding of $1.5 million, revenues exceeding $1 million, increasing demand, and national brand recognition to name a few.

The client was growing quicker than it could handle though. With less than 6 months in business, the client was already on track for over $1 million in first year sales.  Marketing & sales were covered, but what they drastically needed was an experienced professional on the finance side to help grow the business.


The immediate needs of the client were:

* Manage the growth and cash flow

* Forecast the next several years financial results

* Work with the venture capital investors to provide timely reports & advice on growth

* Plan the timing of future investment needs

* Create and implement an accounting system which would handle the clients growing needs



* Built a financial forecast for the next 4 years based on the results so far, contracts in place with retail distributors, and future product launches.

* Created a customized cash management model to be used for both near and long term planning

* Built an investor presentation to be used to talk to other potential investors & joint venture potential partners

* Implemented accounting standards and procedures

* Generated financial statements for the past 6 months, and maintained the financial reporting going forward

* Dashboard reporting was implemented to give management the essential information they require in a quick



* Surpassed original estimates of just over $1M in sales and accomplished $1.5M in revenue in their first year

* Cash was managed effectively with shortcomings

* Investor presentation was used to garner interest from several potential partners who are currently in negotiations with the client

* Financial statements helped management identify areas for cost saving, and satisfied the current investors and board members needs

* The client is on track to exceed $3.5M in revenues in their 2nd year of operations