Investing In the Services of an Experienced CFO Pays for Itself

The role of CFO is recognized as one of the most difficult and demanding of the executive level positions. By teaming with the Rogue CFO, your company will benefit from a record of proven success across multiple disciplines.  The following are just a few of the possible benefits.

Focus on strategic business development

  • The CEO is the business leader, but they can only be as effective as their support network. Rogue CFO Management Consulting provides that support network, allowing the CEO to remain focused on business.

  • Keep business moving forward without the delays of pausing to look back over every record and detail by outsourcing to an established and trusted industry leader.

Improve financial security

  • Traditional financial management involves looking back at past transactions and histories, but it can’t prepare a company for the future. Rogue CFO uses past financial data to model and predict future needs, providing long term financial security.

  • Banks and investors know that a company without a CFO is like an army without a map. Chris Benjamin brings experienced direction and leadership to corporate financial matters, with the added bonus of being able to leverage established banking and investor relations.

Reduce operating overhead and risk exposure

  • Lower operating costs by outsourcing, letting Rogue CFO handle the benefits packages, insurance premiums, and payroll taxes for a full time team, letting you simply file a 1099 report.

  • Reduce exposure to risk by bringing on an experienced professional like Chris Benjamin, with a proven track record, experienced support team, and established industry relationships.

Outsourcing your CFO role is much more than a cost saving strategy.  It is an investment in the growth of your company. Much like experienced legal counsel, Rogue CFO will provide your company with advanced data modeling and financial forecasting skills that an accountant or controller simply isn’t trained to provide.  Additionally, bringing in outside expertise to an existing management team, fosters growth and can fast track the development of new financial relationships or venture capital requirements.