About Rogue CFO


18 Years of Experience Supporting Over 100 Entrepreneurial and Growth Stage Companies

Industry veteran Chris Benjamin, aka the Rogue CFO, has spent the last decade working exclusively with growth stage companies as an outsourced CFO.  Realizing there was a need for C-level talent in early stage companies who might not necessarily need a full time CFO, Chris left the public company corporate world and began his own entrepreneurial venture focusing on providing the CFO level of service on a part-time basis.  Traditionally clients have grown quickly, and the CEO/Founder is wearing multiple hats.  There comes a point where they can no longer, at least not effectively.  This is where an outsourced CFO comes in, and creates a win-win situation.  The growing company’s benefit from the experience of a traditional CFO while not having to pay full time rates.  As well Chris is able to work with a few companies at a time, all in different industries of interest to him and use his talents to further grow your business and participate in that growth.

Having worked in multiple industries at different stages, Chris is able to bring a diverse skill set.  “Seen it all and have done it all” truly applies in this situation.  From general accounting, budgeting, forecasting, pricing models to Securities & Exchange Commission filings and facilitating audits, the Rogue CFO can step in and fill the CFO role quickly and get your company headed on the path it needs to be for growth.

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Chris has worked with companies not only all throughout the United States, but worldwide.  Having had clients in Costa Rica, Japan, Dubai, India, and Canada to name a few, Chris is no stranger to facilitating the Rogue CFO part-time CFO role remotely.



  • Institute of Management Consultants
  • National Association of Corporate Directors
  • Mensa Society



Chris Benjamin Summary

  • 18 Years Experience

  • BA – Accounting & Finance from University of the Fraser Valley, B.C., Canada

  • MBA – Entrepreneurship from University of WA, Seattle, WA

  • Worked with over 100 startup & growth stage ventures

  • Private and Public company experience

  • Brought companies from private to publicly traded

  • Worked in angel investor and venture capital backed companies

  • Board of Director for publicly traded company

  • Professional, honest, accountable, team oriented

  • Extensive SEC reporting experience